I love fried rice from Chinese restaurants, but it so unhealthy I just have to stay away from it.  As an alternative I decided to use quinoa and toss it with veggies and a little tamari.  Well, I must say it definitely satisfied my craving for Chinese food, and I was able to enjoy it guilt free.  When you cook quinoa remember the ratio; two parts water, one part quinoa.  For this recipe use the veggies of your choice.  I used what I had on hand; broccoli, red onion and green bell peppers.

Easy Green Smoothie

In an effort to downsize my frame I have added more fruits and veggies to my diet. I love fruit and have no problem eating LOTS of it. Veggies on the other hand are not as easy for me to consume. I’m pretty good with the easy stuff like string beans, carrots and more string beans. The green leafy stuff like spinach on the other hand is where I have the problem. So after reading about green smoothies I decided to give it a try. Well, to my surprise I really can’t taste the green stuff when blended with all the sweet goodness of fruit. Yes! I’ve finally learned to "eat" my veggies! With some trial and error I’ve found it better to blend the bananas first to a very smooth consistency before adding the leafy greens(baby spinach and kale) and frozen fruit. The frozen fruit I use is a mix of strawberries, peaches, pineapple, red grapes and honeydew melons.

Green Smoothie

3 bananas chopped
1 cup mixed fruit (frozen)
1 cup baby spinach leaves
1 cup kale roughly chopped

Feel free to add more spinach, kale or fruit if you choose. Blueberries are also great in this smoothie, but will change the color to a brownish hue. Serve this immediatley, makes two servings.

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